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The Unbeliever (1918)


Country: USA
Language: English
Runtime: USA: 80 min
Director: Alan Crosland

Stars: Marguerite Courtot , Raymond McKee and Erich von Stroheim
Cast: Marguerite Courto, t. Virginie Harbrok Raymond McKe, e. Philip Landicutt Erich von Strohei, m. Lt. Kurt von Schnieditz Kate Leste, r. Margaret Landicutt Frank DeVerno, n. Uncle ''Jemmy'' Landicutt Mortimer Martin, e. Eugene Harbrok (as Mortimer Martini) Blanche Davenpor, t. Madam Harbrok Harold Hollache, r. Pierre Harbrok (as Harold Hallacher) Darwin Kar, r. Lefty Earl Schenc, k. Emanuel Muller Gertrude Norma, n. Marianne Marnholm Lew Har, t. Hoffman Thomas Holcom, b. Commanding Officer (as Major Thomas Holcomb) J.F. Rork, e. Lt. Terence O'Shaugthnessy (as Lieutenant J.F. Rorke) Moss Gil, l. Albert Mullins (as Sergeant Moss Gill)
Company Credits: Perfection Pictures , Edison Company
SoundMix: Silent

Keywords: Orphan, World War One, Army, Atheist, Marine Corps

A wealthy young American, bred to class distinction and racial intolerance, enters the Marines during the First World War. In the course of his training and his experiences in the trenches fighting, being wounded by, and being hospitalized with Germans, he comes to a recognition of the equality and brotherhood of men. Written by  Jim Beaver <[email protected]>  

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