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The Art of Kissing (2008)

The Art of Kissing

Country: USA
Language: English
Director: Joseph Campo

Stars: Jordan Brodess , Whitney Proctor and Dustin Patterson
Cast: Jordan Brodes, s. Arthur Bennett Whitney Procto, r. Erin Dustin Patterso, n. Andy Matt Altobell, i. Jack Chris Baldwi, n. Lenny Michael Burnet, t. Nick Bart Kelle, r. Barry Judith Midyet, t. Mrs. Bennett Darryl Co, x. Mr. Bennett Sara Rae Foste, r. Wendy Tom Husto, n. Maintenance Guy Magen Matto, x. Cindy Bennett Mark Lofti, s. Professor Smith Hartleigh Buwic, k. Girl in Art's room Lizzy Gigliott, i. Lucinda Pugh
Company Credits: New School Films , Wideshot Studios
Soundtracks: “Trance” Performed by Alder (featuring Trey Broussard ) Music and Lyrics by Michael Teoli Courtesy of Orchestral Mayhem Productions (ASCAP)
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Life hasn't been easy for Arthur Bennett. Hoping to escape an over-protective mother and an unforgiving adolescent Caste system, he looks to make a fresh start when he goes away to college. Unfortunately, when his free-spirited roommate learns that he's never kissed a girl, he posts Art's plight on the Internet. Fearing the worst, Art's life takes a turn for the absurd as he unexpectedly finds himself the object of attraction to a host of pretty co-eds. He also finds that he does not enjoy this swerve of events. With some comical advice and a little luck, Art manages to navigate through his new found popularity and freshman misadventures into the arms of a normal girl for his very "memorable" first kiss. Written by  Greg Sandquist  

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