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Silence, ça tue! (2008)

Silence, ça tue! Silence, We Are Shooting!

Country: Belgium
Language: French (English subtitles)
Runtime: Belgium: 66 min (approx.)
Budget: €12,500
Director: Christophe Lamot

Stars: Nicolas Anseroul , Wanty Christian and Michelet Christophe
Cast: Nicolas Anserou, l. Nico Wanty Christia, n. Doctor Wanty Michelet Christoph, e. Michel Yanik Deni, s. Taximan François Huntzinge, r. François Albert Jeunehomm, e. The IAD Teacher (as Jeunehomme Albert) Reymen J, o. The Belgian Producer Christophe Lamo, t. Chris Christophe Mortie, r. Morty Pierre Niss, e. Hervé Aldo Palucc, i. Aldo Yvette Van de Veld, e. Chris'Mother Kevin Van Nuffe, l. Kevin
Company Credits: Ciné Sous-Terre , Cinéma Sous-Terre
SoundMix: Stereo
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Keywords: Claim In Title, Exclamation Point In Title

A young director disgusted by the financing system of the movie industry decides to shoot a feature movie made from live scenes without any financial support in order to denounce the difficulties to achieve a cinematographic project in Belgium. The rivalries between the cast members, the excesses and the frustrations will slowly lead him to a surrealistic disaster. Written by  Yanik Denis _UPDATED_  

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