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Sabel Redemption (2009)


Country: Mexico
Language: Spanish (English Subtitles)
Runtime: Mexico: 82 min
Budget: MXN 10,000,000
Director: Benito Fernández

Stars: Irán Castillo , Sherlyn and Carlos Cámara
Cast: Irán Castill, o. Isha Sherly, n. Vanish Carlos Cámar, a. Mikail Tazzer René Franc, o. Aldama René Garcí, a. Sabel
Company Credits: Santo Domingo Animation
SoundMix: Dolby Digital (RCA Sound System)  | Dolby Digital

SABEL REDEMPTION is basically a love story with highlights in adventure and science fiction. The story moves along two separate time lines, the years 1490 and 2194. This allows the characters to develop in two completely different environments and permits the story to flow in flashbacks that answer plot spots. Written by  Benito Fernández  

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