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Saathi (1991)

The Companion

Country: India
Language: Hindi
Release Date: 3 September 1991
Runtime: USA: 175 min
Director: Mahesh Bhatt

Writers: Robin Bhatt (dialogue) , Robin Bhatt (screenplay) , and 4 more credits  »
Stars: Aditya Pancholi , Mohsin Khan and Varsha Usgaonkar
Cast: Aditya Panchol, i. Suraj (as Aditya Panscholi) Mohsin Kha, n. Amar Varsha Usgaonka, r. Nisha Paresh Rawa, l. Pasha Avtar Gil, l. Samant Mushtaq Kha, n. Shetty Dinesh Anand Javed Kha, n. Bartender Soni Razda, n. Tina (Prostitute) (as Sony Razdan) Raju Shresth, a. Vicky (as Raju Shreshtha) Homi Wadi, a. Police Inspector Khan Anant Jo, g. Suraj's Father Bashir Khan Gavin Packar, d. Chikna (as Gavin Pekard) Sharad Chauhan
Company Credits: Mata Sherawali , Prince & Prince International
SoundMix: Dolby Digital   | Mono
Soundtracks: “Aisa Bhi Dekho Waqt Jeeven Mein Aata Hai” Music by Nadeem Saifi & Shravan Rathod

As children, Suraj and Amar had helplessly watched a police inspector beat their poor father to death by throwing him from a window of a multi-storied building. Amar and Suraj grow up and take to petty crime. It is this that leads them to a gangster named Pasha, and it is here that Amar and Suraj will decide to part ways, for Amar does not want to get involved in any gangland activity especially dealing with illicit drugs, while Suraj wants money and wealth and will do anything to get rich. Their paths will cross again, when Suraj accepts a contract to kill a young drug addict named Vicky from testifying against Pasha and his men. What Suraj does not know is that Vicky is the brother of Asha, the woman Amar has fallen in love with, and will do anything to protect her and Vicky. Written by  rAjOo ([email protected])  

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