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Revolt in the Big House (1958)


Country: USA
Language: English
Runtime: 79 min
Director: R.G. Springsteen

Writers: Daniel James , Eugène Lourié
Stars: Gene Evans , Robert Blake and Timothy Carey
Cast: Gene Evan, s. Lou Gannon Robert Blak, e. Rudy Hernandez Timothy Care, y. Ed 'Bugsy' Kyle John Quale, n. Doc Sam Edward, s. Al John Denni, s. Red Walter Barne, s. Guard Capt. Starkey Frank Richard, s. Jake Emile Meye, r. Warden Arline Hunte, r. Girl
Company Credits: Allied Artists Pictures
SoundMix: Mono

Keywords: Prison, Riot, Jail Break

Gannon is an imprisoned racketeer kingpin who tries to manipulate his young cellmate into staging a riot and prison break, but the cellmate tries to back out when he realizes other inmates may be killed in the process. Written by  Ray Hamel <[email protected]>  

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