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My Body Hungers (1967)

My Body Cries

Country: USA
Language: English
Runtime: 80 min
Director: Joseph W. Sarno

Stars: Gretchen Rudolph , John Aristedes and Tammy Latour
Cast: Gretchen Rudolp, h. Marcia Teel John Aristede, s. Det. Rod Loring (as John Aristides) Tammy Latou, r. Joan Reynolds Tony Kin, g. George Harvey (as Anthony King) Bella Donn, a. Mavis Harvey (as Liz Love) Joe Santo, s. Truck driver Rose Marie Stadle, r. Olga Carolyn Fawcet, t. Oomphette Lola Adam, s. Oomphette Joy Durde, n. Pianist / Geri George Winshi, p. Det. Pete Forsythe Bob Frankli, n. Newscaster Geraldine Baro, n. Janet Teel Pat Power, s. Hal Parker / Master of Ceremonies Diane Mos, s. Waitress
Company Credits: Amalfi Films

Keywords: Erotica, Female Nudity, Independent Film

Marcia, a sexy bucolic orphan, hitch-hikes to the city to meet up with her sister, who has promised her a job at the roadhouse where she works as a hostess. She has no qualms about sleeping with her driver in order to be safeguarded to her destination. Once she arrives, she discovers that her sister has recently been violently murdered — in a stangulation by garter belt. Marcia takes her sister's job in order to go undercover in finding the murderer. She thus imperils her own life while making discoveries about her sister's former lifestyle and the seamy antics of the local civic leaders. Written by  GoblinHairedGuy  

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