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…Maybe This Time (1981)

Nyt tai ei koskaan

Country: Australia
Language: English
Release Date: 20 March 1981
Director: Chris McGill

Writers: Anne Brooksbank , Bob Ellis
Stars: Judy Morris , Bill Hunter and Michael Preston
Cast: Judy Morri, s. Fran Bill Hunte, r. Stephen Michael Presto, n. Paddy Jill Perryma, n. Mother Ken Shorte, r. Alan Michele Fawdo, n. Margo Leonard Teal, e. The Minister Chris Haywoo, d. The Salesman Rod Mullina, r. Jack Jude Kurin, g. Meredith Lorna Lesle, y. Suy Williams Lyndall Barbou, r. Miss Bates Celia De Burg, h. Paddy's girl Lyn Collingwoo, d. Myrtle Gillian Hyd, e. Miss Peterson
Company Credits: Cherrywood Film Productions , New South Wales Film Corp.

Keywords: Independent Film

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