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L'adolescente (1979)

An Adolescent Girl

Country: France   | West Germany
Language: French
Release Date: 24 January 1979
Runtime: 90 min
Director: Jeanne Moreau

Writers: Henriette Jelinek , Jeanne Moreau
Stars: Simone Signoret , Francis Huster and Laetitia Chauveau
Cast: Simone Signore, t. Mamie Francis Huste, r. Alexandre Laetitia Chauvea, u. Marie Edith Cleve, r. Eva, la mère Jacques Webe, r. Jean Jean-François Balme, r. André, le menuisier Hugues Queste, r. Le fils du forgeron Roger Bli, n. Romain Frank Mut, h. François, 'l'innocent' Maurice Baque, t. Jules, le cantonnier Nadine Basil, e. Rose, épouse du contonnier Françoise Bett, e. Violette Michel Blan, c. M. Bertin Bérangère Bonvoisi, n. La fille du maire Juliette Bra, c. La femme du forgeron
Company Credits: Carthago Coop. Cinematográfica , Janus Film , Südwestfunk (SWF)
SoundMix: Mono

Keywords: Doctor, Summer, Countryside, Coming Of Age, Infant Nudity

The summer of 1939. Marie, at 13, goes with her parents to visit her grandmother in a small town near Avignon. Although rumors of war reach the countryside, it's an idyllic place. Marie's parents are constantly making love. Surrounded by sexual frankness, Marie fancies herself a woman and develops a crush on Alexander, the town's young Jewish doctor. She's despondent when he treats her as if she were a child. After Marie's father abruptly leaves for a few weeks to assist with a relative's harvest, Marie's mother and the doctor disappear into the woods for hours at a time. Marie tries to spy on them. When dad returns, what will the family and the doctor do? Written by  <[email protected]>  

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