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Geobreeders (1998)


Country: Japan
Language: English   | Japanese

Writers: Akihiro Itô (story) , Yôsuke Kuroda (script)
Stars: Scott Cargle , Rachael Lillis and Shinichirô Miki
Cast: Scott Cargl, e. Yoichi Taba (voice: English version) Rachael Lilli, s. Takami Sakuragi (voice: English version) Shinichirô Mik, i. Yoichi Taba Satomi Koorog, i. Yuka Kikushima Aya Hisakaw, a. Maki Umezaki (voice) Akiko Yajim, a. Takami Sakuragi Yuka Ima, i. Eiko Rando Narumi Hidak, a. Yuu Himehagi Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Crispin Freema, n. Hound B / Descartes / Policeman / General Maraba (voice: English version) Tristan Goddar, d. Squad Commander / Phantom Cat A (voice: English version) Alvaro J. Gonzale, z. Irie (voice: English version) Edward Haj, j. Executive (voice: English version) (as Ed Haji) Tara Jayn, e. Eiko Rando (voice: English version) Debora Rabba, i. Yuka Kikushima / Maki Umezaki (voice: English version) (as Angora Deb) Mina Sand, s. Yu Himehagi / Newscaster (voice: English version)
Company Credits: Victor Company of Japan (JVC)

Keywords: Shapeshifting, Shy Girl, Transformation, Anime, Telekinesis

The brave men and women of Kagura Total Security work 'round the clock to rid the world of its most troublesome pests- phantoms! Their only weapons: their wits, the most advanced computer technology, and … REALLY BIG GUNS! Okay, so they're a bunch of trigger-happy lunatics. But when a young friend gets kidnapped by a mysterious enemy, the Kagura team is her only hope. boy, is she in trouble… Written by  Anonymous  

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