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City of Chance (1940)


Country: USA
Language: English
Runtime: 56 min
Director: Ricardo Cortez

Writers: John Larkin , Barry Trivers
Stars: Lynn Bari , C. Aubrey Smith and Donald Woods
Cast: Lynn Bar, i. Julie Reynolds C. Aubrey Smit, h. The Judge Donald Wood, s. Steve Walker Amanda Duf, f. Lois Carlyle Blane June Gal, e. Molly Richard Lan, e. Marty Connors Robert Lower, y. Ted Blaine Alexander D'Arc, y. Baron Joseph George Dougla, s. Muscles Harry Shanno, n. Passline Eddie Mar, r. Charlie Nevins Robert Alle, n. Fred Walcott Charlotte Wynter, s. Mrs. Helen Walcott Nora Lan, e. Mrs. Dorothy Grainger
Company Credits: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
SoundMix: Mono

Keywords: Reporter, Gambler, Beautiful Woman

Texas girl (Bari) goes to New York, becomes a newspaper reporter, and tries to get her gambler boyfriend (Woods) to come home.

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