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Anglické jahody (2008)

English Strawberries

Country: Czech Republic   | Slovakia   | Ukraine
Language: Czech   | Russian
Runtime: Czech Republic: 114 min
Director: Vladimír Drha

Stars: Ivan Lupták , Marie Stípková and Aleksey Bardukov
Cast: Ivan Luptá, k. Tomás Marie Stípkov&aacute, ;. Tána Aleksey Barduko, v. Lebedev Pavla Tomicov&aacute, ;. Mother Viktor Preis, s. Father Miloslav Mejzli, k. Vrána Richard Zeve, l. Ivan Nella Boudov&aacute, ;. Hostess Nina Divískov&aacute, ;. Granny Alexander Minaje, v. Lieutenant Hana Holisov&aacute, ;. Marijána Sandra Pogodov&aacute, ;. Jirina Milan Stehlí, k. Innkeeper Vladimír Brabe, c. Secret Policeman Filip Rajmon, t. Policeman
Company Credits: First Film , Ceská Televize , Ateliéry Bonton Zlín
SoundMix: Dolby Digital
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Keywords: Soviet Invasion, 1960s

A drama centered on a Russian soldier who wants to defect to the West and a young Czech whose dreams of going to England to pick strawberries for the summer are dashed when Soviet tanks converge on Prague in August 1968.

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